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life is precious, capture the image


Precious Image 3d Ultrasound Spa is now offering the amazing all natural “It Works ! “products


Always wanted to try that “Crazy Wrap Thing?” Well now’s your chance!  What a great way to get your figure back after baby, or a great way to get fit and tight for Friday night. Come try it. You will love the results. We wrap you for only $35


Pregnant mom’s wanting to prevent or repair stretch marks we have the perfect natural, safe during pregnancy, stretch mark cream. Proven to lessen the appearance of stretch marks, fine lines and other skin scarring.  This can be purchased at our shop or on line with my discount as a loyal customer.


For weight loss after baby I recommend the Triple Threat which include the Greens, Advanced Formula Fat Fighters and Ultimate Thermofit. The easiest way you will ever lose weight!  I can say for myself that I lost 50 pounds in four months with no dieting, counting calories, starving or giving up any of the foods I love.


We will provide some of the “It Works!” products at our shop for your convenience. If you would like to purchase the products at a 40% discount you can order them through my website link as a loyal customer at preciousimagewraps.myitworks.com If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email or phone.


Skinny Massage info

Get your skinny on with a relaxing skinny massage at Precious Image 3d Ultrasound Spa!  What is a skinny massage you ask? A skinny massage is a great way to tone, tighten, firm the skin and detoxify your body while relaxing during a cellulite targeting therapeutic massage. In other words, we use all natural products during your massage to tone, tighten and firm your skin to help aid in the elimination of the appearance of cellulite. We target the specific areas of the body with the most common sights being, the legs, arms, back, abdomen, and buttocks.


We offer 2 different types of skinny massage:


This is me before and after using the “It Works” products! I’ve lost 50 pounds in 4 months. My high blood pressure and high cholesterol are gone too. I’m off all of the medication for both and I feel great!! Best decision of my life!!


It Works! It Works! It Works! It Works!
It Works! It Works! It Works! It Works!
It Works! It Works! It Works! It Works!
The Simple Skinny Massage
Our licensed massage therapist will provide a 1 hour massage using specific massage techniques to provide the best application of the all-natural based skinny products. The skinny mixture helps to improve skin texture and tightness and minimize cellulite appearance. This session will focus on the most common cellulite affected areas. The upper legs, upper arms, abdomen, back and buttocks. Not only will your muscles feel recharged but your skin will feel refreshed and toned. With this package you will enjoy a 1 hour skinny massage plus we apply an ultimate skinny wrap for the deluxe skinny toning, tightening and firming treatment. The wrap can be applied to the abdomen, arms, legs, or back. You will leave with the skinny wrap still applied. You may leave the wrap on until the tingle goes away, at least 45 minutes to an hour. Some people prefer to leave it on longer. This will be up to you.
1 hour and 15 min session - $125
  The Deluxe Skinny
This package comes with the 1 hour Simple skinny massage, an ultimate skinny wrap, a face massage and a deep hydration facial wrap. This all natural facial wrap wakes up tired skin, softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tightens, tones and firms your face. The Deluxe Skinny massage package offers a head to toe body toning, tightening and firming experience.
1 hour and 30 minute session -$150

Some people will see visible results in 45 minutes, others 24 hours and best results are seen after 72 hours. One wrap is a treat, and 4 wraps is a treatment. We recommend 4 wraps for a full treatment for best results. Individual results will vary per person. Extra wraps can be purchased at the Spa.


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