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If you have any questions that are not answered below, feel free to contact us at info@preciousimage3d.com or call 615-566-9073

Is ultrasound safe?
Yes. Many years of research has found that ultrasound is not harmful to mother or baby.

When is the best time to have my 3D/4D ultrasound?
The best time to see kicks, movement and the baby from head to toe is 16-26 weeks. As baby grows and gains weight the facial features like chubby cheeks, button noses, smiles, thumb sucking, facial expressions, and movement can be seen best at 27-34 weeks. 


What can I do to get the best pictures of my baby?
The optimal time for the Sonographer to get the best images of your precious baby is between 26-34 weeks. The baby can been seen at any time during a pregnancy, however the best images are taken during this time. We also recommend that you are well hydrated. Drink plenty of water for 2-3 days prior to your exam. This will ensure that your amniotic fluid levels are adequate. We have found that keeping well hydrated has greatly improved the clarity of your ultrasound images. Another good tip for awake babies that are ready to play. Have a snack or drink something sweet. This will give your baby energy to move, kick, stretch, and smile. You know your baby best, so anything that you have discovered that wakes your baby up and gets them moving is helpful.

Will I always get great images of my baby?
At Precious Image we will do our best to provide the best images of your baby. Things like babyís position, facing down toward your spine. The baby facing the placenta and lack of amniotic fluid in front of the face can make sneaking a peek at baby's face more challenging. In the end, the baby is in charge of how much we see. We canít guarantee cooperation from your baby, but we can guarantee that we will do our best to provide you a great bonding experience with your baby. And with our guarantee if we canít see we will scan again for free.

Do I need a doctorís order ?
No. This is an elective ultrasound for the purpose of bonding with your baby. It is not required or ordered by your doctor so insurance and flex spending will not cover this type of ultrasound. Our 3D/4D ultrasound session DOES NOT take the place of your diagnostic ultrasound. That exam is ordered and performed by your doctor. You must be seeking prenatal care and have had a diagnostic ultrasound by your doctor to confirm due date, and confirm that there are no concerns with your baby before we can do your 3D/4D ultrasound


What is an elective prenatal ultrasound?
An ELECTIVE prenatal ultrasound is performed by your choice for the purpose of bonding with your baby. It is NOT ordered by your doctor, not covered by insurance, and DOES NOT give any diagnostic information. Precious Image offers elective ultrasounds only.

What is the difference between 2D, 3D, and 4D ultrasound?
2D imaging is the standard 2 dimensional ultrasound used by your doctor for the use of diagnosing and monitoring your baby. We use 2D ultrasound to listen to babyís heart beat and to determine gender. This is the most accurate way to see if your baby is a boy or girl.

3D imaging adds an extra layer to the standard 2D imaging which creates 3 dimensional images of your baby. This allows us to see the babyís features like the chubby cheeks, and sweet little lips.

4D imaging creates a live video feed of your baby moving in 3D. This is how we can see baby move, stretch, yawn, and smile.

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